Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Why does broadband matter?

Today's Independent has an Analysis of how those that live in rural Britain can join the high speed net via WiMax.

The writer once again complains about BT not making it easy for the little guy to pick off customers on the basis of price. Then he focuses on what WiMax might do i.e. surve a number of people with above broadband speeds using point-to-multipoint systems just like broadcast radio. Rather than installing a modem inside the house engineers now fit a satelite dish on the outside of the building, sound familar?

The problem is one of cost and at present there are no standards with which to work to.

Now what do we want to give those who live outside of towns and cities broadband for when they cannot pay the commercial price?

I think it is because once we enable those in the poorest communities with the best technology we help everyone improve. I heard a radio program last week on how the village in Wales that got electricity for the first time last year has been catching up with the rest of the country. It is not until you see how those who have not had something behave that you get an understanding of the things that we use everyday and no longer appricate!

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