Friday, May 14, 2004

A bad week for the Gadget freek.

Had to return my Clie to Sony as the battery went down and needs replacing. Only good news is that the Support function is excellent with a pick up time agreed and updates with the progress of my repair and expected return date.

Then the Power adapter for my laptop was binned because the cable was torn. Invested in a new one and so everything is fine now.

Been using a SonyEricsson Chat Pen from Destiny Wireless. I like the functionality but not happy that have to go back to old handset to allow the pen to work. SonyEricsson no longer support bluetooth functionality and so have to switch sim between two handsets. Not a great idea as now have text messages on both... If only my PDA worked then could store the messages on there. Well will have TH55 back very soon!

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