Thursday, June 24, 2004

Seeing the simple things in technology

OK for the last few weeks I have been working with Destiny Wireless who ar the UK Agents for Anoto. They have a digital pen, think of it as a fat biro with a camera in that films as you write on special paper. Using the pen means that all sorts of people who work outside can put what they do into a computer using either a USB "ink well" or a bluetooth phone.

The great thing about this techjnology is that those who were techno phobes are now attached to the System. It also means that people like Nurses can up date patient records without having to carry a laptop or learn to use a PDA.

The only problem is that when you show the technology to a potential customer you then have to get them to focus on the one thing that is important to them when it come to using the pen. Customers see so many applications for it the get blinded by what is a great technology. I am sure that over the next few months we will start to see more and more people use digital pens to interact with people rather than hide behine computer sceens.

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