Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Mobile Lifestyle

Nokia have been trying hard to re-build it's brand. As part of this campaign they have contributed to the Creative Business suplement of the FT. I particularly like..

"Mobiles restored our sense of connection and community, and provided a "social lifeline" in an increasingly fragmented, busy and isolating world. Imagine if we didn't have mobile phones. Could we stay in touch with family and friends so easily? I'm sure I'm not the only one that makes personal calls on my mobile as I walk to get my lunch or hop in a taxi to a meeting. Mobiles facilitate chatting and gossip, which actually stimulates the production of endorphins, relieves stress and boosts the immune system!"

Can I spot the sales pitch... "With the rapidly improving quality of camera phone technology, there is an increasing desire to share, keep and display the digital images stored on your phone. The combination of text messages, voice-mails and pictures make up a digital scrap book of your life. And you can now purchase PC-based software that enables you to use these snippets of your everyday life, organise, display, share them, just as you do with a digital camera.

Today's mobile phones have pushed the limits of multimedia functionality, going beyond internet connectivity and built-in cameras to video functions, electronic funds transfer and more. Multimedia usage is set to experience mass-market adoption with the widespread availability of third-generation mobile phones from most of the major mobile operator networks"

Over at Fast Company Christian Lindholm is pushing Lifeblog as the tool for "Kodak Moments"

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