Friday, April 23, 2004

Mobile users - selfish and unrepentant - touches a point.

Over the last few weeks driving the kids around I have had a number of near misses with fools in BMWs using the Phone whilst driving. Just why does the Goverment pass a laws if the police cannot / will not then enforce?

Perhaps what we need is more Gatzo Camera's that photograph all those driving whilst using the phone! I remember a story a few months ago about a German driver who drove through a Speed trap three times because he was no speeding and was fined for not waring his seat belt! If they can do it for seat belts then they must be able to do it phone users.

What is needed is a change in attitude similar to that of 20 years ago over drink driving. At present what we have is car drivers who are not seen as doing anything wrong when driving through the a busy high street whilst using the phone.

I have worked in the mobile industry for 19 years and all of that time I have used a car kit and limited the time I am on the phone in the car if I do use it. The reason for this is easy driving and talking on the phone is dangerous!

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