Sunday, April 04, 2004

Going Backwards to Go Forwards

After five years of using a PDA last Chrismas I gave away my top of the range iPAQ as it was just sitting in a draw not being used becasue I was running arround town with my laptop and smartphone. Well this weekend I have re-entered the PDA world and bought a Sony Clie TH55 having selected a standard phone over my smartphone six weeks ago.

This is my first Palm powered PDA and I have to say that I am impressed in most of the software. The only things that could be better are the email and sync, it has proved a bit of a problem to set up the mail so that it syncs with my Outlook file and my other PDA's synch as soon as they connected with my PC. Otherwise I am very happy with my new device. Thanks to my memorystick I now have access to 8 albums of music when stuck on the tube, can view details quickly when travelling and the ability to improve note taking when needed.

Perhaps the Clie will become less of a gadget and more of a valuable tool, which will deffinately get the approval of my partner!

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