Sunday, April 04, 2004

The web belongs to us is an interesting feature on how technology alters networking.

I have said in other places that I am not a friend of Plaxo which I see as a very lazy tool for those who are at the edge of my network and who don't know me but have got hold of one of my email addresses. The majority of these shaddy individuals seam to be a pain in that they continually wish to spam me with request that I am just not interested in!

Now some bright guys in Cambridge have developed something that Dyson calls "personal digital identity" which will not only keep your contact details up tp date it will also aid you manage your life, in that it will assist manage your relationships with all those in your address book. This could be the breakthrough needed to remove spam by forming a network that then polices its users actions.

I for one intend to pay the £24 subscription and see if it will aid me stay in touch for work, family and friends.

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