Friday, March 26, 2004

Digital radio needs to make more noise says the FT. One of the early drivers towards Digital Radio writes on why it's important that BOTH Commercial Broadcasters and the BBC need to convince the public to switch on to digital. I have been a user for 4 years now first with a Wavefinder which worked through my PC and now with a Roberts. The service has seen its highs and lows but in preference I use my digital radio over my traditional set, listening to 4-5 hours a day work permitting.

The Sunday Times has a fair review of what is wrong with the current state of digital radio. I just hope that the Broadcasters have learnt from the iTV false start and get there act together, if they don't then Radio could follow Record Companies towards extinction!

Digital Radio is important not just for the fact that it improves the sound quality, what is also important is that it also allows data to be transmitted. This means that the user can "see" station information and track details they can also interact. Thus the next generation of Digital Radio should see some genuine inovation in the way that we use the radio.

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