Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Recent thoughts

Having spent a few days offline a few post on the internet recently have caught my attention.

Over at ReadWriteWeb they have two post that are worth reading. First we had a new study on iPhone users, that tells us they are far from usual phone owners. If this is the case it adds weight to my observation that what they are doing in terms of mobile data has to be discounted as the actions of early adopters. The Mobile Web needs alot of work done before it crosses the chasam one of the biggest is user education, to oftan those in the industry fail to realise that the key features for a normal user are phone + text + clock. This is something that has been emphasised to me in the last year as my twins have started to use mobile phones. What music they do do is side loaded, very little is peer to peer because it take to long to bluetooth.

The other is an updating of Mobile Web Trends and Products by Rudy De Waele. As someone who helps run one of the Mobile Monday chapters Rudy has an excellent understanding of the zeitgeist. Some of the Start Ups to watch are new to me, but others are businesses that have been trying for quite sometime to build a customer base.

Symbian/Nokia have a lot of work to do in America if this study is anything to go by. I know that the sample size is small, but it does help to explain all the America Investment Managers foolish questions on how Apple and RIM are fighting for the Enterprise space.

VisionMobile has an excellent post on User Interface technology which shows that it does not need to be only Apple that have all the bells and whistles!

Harris Interactive reports that America is ready for M-Banking, but are the Networks in synch with the Banks, Consumers and Payment Groups?

I have discovered MobileStance and his post on Anarchy in the UK is an excellent introduction into his blog.

Off message I was sent this by one of my contacts one LinkedIn it is something I believe in and so thought that I would ask those who read this to watch it.

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Anonymous said...

Ian: I agree about the iPhone user bit (there is one in my house) as well as the RIM/ Apple focus in the US.

On the videos, as you can guess, I received them as well. On the one hand, there is the IPL and Washington Redskins cheerleading, and on the other hand, we have a vast populace with barely any access to clean water, enough food, civilised living conditions; education is probably a pipe-dream. OutlookIndia recently had an article titled Zenana Republic - a terribly Indian thing of mixing languages and puns (zenana is an Urdu word meaning pertaining to women) - about how Muslim women in the south are fighting harder for equal access to education and political rights than their counterparts in the north. Does it remind you of something we talked about at lunch last?