Monday, April 28, 2008

Mobile Phone Firms rip you off....

Over the weekend Channel 4 have been trailing the Dispatches report due to be broadcast tonight.

In the show they will show that Phone Shops are paid commission to sell the phone + plan that the networks want rather than the consumer needs!

So next week are they going to tell me that the sun does not go out at night it just moves so I cannot see it until the following day!

The market is all about supply and demand.  How do you think that Charles Dunstone, Martin Dawes and John Caudwell all made it onto the Times Rich List?

I am going to watch the show and if the kids are luck they can expect a new TV as I will have broken the current one as I throw things at the screen.  From what they say on the C4 website I cannot see an invistigation from the OFT unlike some of the other practices of the Supermarkets.

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Anonymous said...

I am with you there. I almost had to switch off the TV after the 'academic' research into the cost of SMS! It costs ~£80 p/mb to transfer data from the Hubble telescope but
~£300 p/mb in the form of SMS!!!

Ha ha, how tenuous a link! How far removed from reality do you have to be make that analogy; it smacks of a TV production team trying to grab sensationalist headlines.

Does Hubble have millions of customers to expensively support? Does it need to invest millions in advertising to survive in a highly competitive environment? Does it subsidize its equipment? Welcome to the world of business Despatches, nothing new here!

It's a shame, because the programme did make some valid points about sales tactics, complexity of tariffs, roaming charges etc. There's a lot that the industry needs to correct - unfortunately Depatches took the problem 'tabloid'.

Favorite quote of the show, a statement from an high-street retailer. "We would never sell a handset with a known problem."

That'll be some empty shelves you've got then!