Tuesday, December 04, 2007

MomoLondon and Voice

Yesterday I was part of the Panel talking about Voice2.0 at the monthly Momo event in London.

Marcus Taylor demonstrated a product that he is developing for TfL for 2012 that looks interesting, somewhat like some of the demonstrations of the potential for Wildfire.

Simon Crowford then spoke of the developments at Spinvox, I may soon be able to dictate this blog on the basis of what I heard.

I then gave an overview of why Voice is important to mobile.  Latest numbers show that it is not just the emerging markets that mobile holds over half of the total of voice calls made. I spoke about the fact that not a single Network has a Board Member for Voice despite the fact that 85% of revenues come from voice.  Manage to talk about the lack of innovation in Voice and that 70% of calls are made in building which places it at risk from the fixed networks.

Christian Lindholm once again gave an excellent overview of Voice2.0 in which he highlighted the 3 Skype handset as the best phone in the world because it does Presence.  He spoke of the fact that you can see who is available as well as the fact that it is not only a VoIP service and so quality is better than the free services from the likes of Fring.

Questions were interesting but not sure that the early adopters who are members of Momo understand that Voice is the future of what is basically a communication device.  


Anonymous said...

I found the momo session of great value - it's not often you have an 'industry get-together' dedicated to voice.

Voice has almost become a dirty word in corridoors of power. That's a shame. For something that delivers upwards of 85% of all carrier revenue you would think that more would be done to try and protect the profit squeeze (through innovation etc), rather than focusing entire resources and budgets on making marginal gains in the data arena.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a data services fanatic but when it comes to the value of voice sometimes I feel like I'm a dying breed.

I've also blogged the session and other thoughts about voice at:


Ian Wood. Principal Wireless Foundry LLP said...

Thanks Tim

I would say that as we look at the present mobile landscape some are understanding the importance of Voice.

It will be interesting to see if those at One.Austria follow the same strategy that had at E-Plus and Tel.Ring when it comes to simple segmentation of voice services.

At the present all I ask for from Orange is that they provide adequate coverage. The network seems to have a number of QoS issues at the moment which make any voice let alone voice2.0 work.

It might just be that 2008 sees a return to voice if the capital markets remain in flux and thus the funds for investment in data networks are not available.


Anonymous said...

I am not too sure about dictating my blog via Spinvox, though I know people like Andrew Murray-Watson have done it.

However you are right when you say voice is the most important thing. I use a wireless data device and a separate voice phone. Both are made by Nokia, but I only consider one a phone.

What happened to all the differentiated voice services like one2one had on their Precept tariffs?