Thursday, April 05, 2007

Others re picking up on the Voice thing!

Catching up after a busy few days and I find that Om has been having a rant about poor voice quality in mobile!

Loved the opening:

"In 2006, voice brought in about $110 billion, and that is such a large amount of money that the U.S. wireless providers should cringe at the fact that they have to use advertising tag lines such as “fewest dropped calls” or ask people to come and try their service for 30 days or switch back for free.

No self-respecting descendant of Ma Bell should be able to sleep at night till they fix the voice network. After all Europeans have managed to lick the dropped call problem, by putting decent enough quality in place. Even the Chinese and Indian carriers with their microscopic ARPU manage to complete calls pretty much everywhere."

Just hope that the guys at the top of the mobile networks are reading the same blogs as I am.

I think that we will see a change in behaviour over the coming months. Talking with contacts in the Network, Handset and Distribution businesses it does see that they have realised that the present business model is broken and it is time for a new one. Hopefully this will result in an increase in work for all at the Wireless Foundry!


Anonymous said...

Ian, a friend of mine is leaving Orange due to bad coverage and on a train yesterday and the guy opposite was having terrible problems on the way to Birmingham...

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen a service sold on voice quality since One-2-One first launched its Select tarrifs back in 1998. You got access to funkier Ericsson handsets, a more memorable number and a better quality of transmitted voice through an enhancement algorithm.

VoIP services certainly need a shot in the arm on voice quality.