Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Making mobile better

Wireless Week has a feature on International Calling. Mark Lowenstein looks at how Americans see the downside of Roaming. Thus the story is written with an American eye which ask why have the networks dragged their feet on services.

The issue is that some carriers make 40% of there profit from Roaming charges whilst on 10% of the volume comes from International calls. With such a high margin only regulation will see the situation change.

As we return from our vacations those who are contract will discover just what it cost to take our phones away with us. I for one have discovered the variable cost of UMTS data roaming whilst in Europe this month in my efforts to follow the third Ashes test. All I can say is that I wish that France Telecom stop dragging their feet on the roll out of Freemove which should see a lowering in Roaming costs in an effort to compete with Vodafone.

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