Monday, August 22, 2005

Mobiles for Social Change

The Guardian has a great piece on how the rise of Mobile phones in Africa is effecting change. The latest Peer-2-Peer mobile payment scam is that you buy a pre-paid scratch card and text the code so that some one else can use the credit!

This allows for users to pay "taxes" without having to meet someone face-to-face.

Just wonder how long it will be before the 419ers send my a text message offering me millions via pre-paided credits?

Another reason why SIMPAY was a good idea and the Networks should get on with making M-commerce work, guess I should have another coffee with the GSM Association guys and see if they might make something happen.

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Anonymous said...

The networks may not be getting on with M-commerce, but we are! Why don't you have a coffee with us and I'll tell you why what we are doing with is key to mCommerce in the UK and elsewhere.

Simon Cavill
CTO Mi-Pay