Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Opera, the Forgotten Browser!

Wired Newshas an interview with the CEO of Opera Software in which they outline that Firefox has stollen most of his clothes. The article goes on to give the good news that "the show ain't over till the fat lady sings" And Opera intends to put on a grand performance this year that hopefully will see the browser take off in North America and Asia with its new version.

I am an Opera fan having first bought the browser for my Psion PDA some five years ago. I use Opera on my laptop and am at present a very happy user of the beta version which has added sound. When running Ad-Aware on my laptop I have very few hits compared to when running it on my childrens machine with IE. The same is also true for Spyware, Pop Ups etc.

My only gripe is with site owners who have configured themselves only for IE which means that I have to put switch to see what I want or go somewhere else!

Here is to a great year at the Opera!

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