Monday, January 10, 2005

The Futures Bright

Having given up on T-Mobile after ten years "service" I find myself a member of the Orange network.

I now have a 3G handset and better coverage at home. The handset is in someways similar to my previous one in that I have stayed loyal to Sony Ericsson and so the text input and address book have some common features. In terms of the network based services well a lot has changed first off I have a customer service team who are seeking to help me make the most of my phone and the network. Thus this blog is being posted via my Orange phone as it the modem at the present because I cannot find a hotspot.

What does 3G mean at present well it does seem to give better voice coverage, just as I get to the tube station I "drop back" onto the 2G network and so those that I talk to can hear the difference. As for data on my phone well it is interesting getting Sky news video on my phone but I never was a big consummer of wallpaper, ringtones etc. and so as far as Orange are concerned I am not a big user of data.

So far the experience has been good, lets see what happens this week when I leave the UK and try and use my phone in Italy!

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