Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A Digital Pen: Mightier Than a Keyboard?

internet.comhas an a review of Logitech's io2 Digital Writing Pen which uses Anoto technology platform to enable digital capture of your handwriting. This is something that I have been using for the last nine months thanks to friends at Destiny Wireless. I think that this year we will see a major drive in Digital Pen uptake.

What I like about the technology is that rather than hiding behind my laptop at meetings I can use a Black & Red notebook to take notes in a meeting and then back at my desk these notes are digitised and transfered into either my electronic notebook or emailed to others. The impressive feature with my Nokia pen is the ability to change colours electronically when taking mind notes.

When others have seen the technology in action they have asked about it and are now looking at ways to use the pen within their business, it is just like my experiences with my PSION pda when they were first on the market. This is a technology that sells itself via demonstration rather than ROI calculations.

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