Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Been looking at the future of Mobile Data Services for the last few days on behalf of a client.

Read some many different reports from other consultants and research groups that even SIX shots of espresso cannot cure my thumping brain. Interesting to see how over the last two years the potential for mobile data has fallen rather than increased as we have seen the network operators lower there investment in 3G. Last week at CeBIT saw a number of software companies pushing video over radio. (Not a surprise to see that these guys are having problems raising funds or finding customers!)

So what will the new service NOT be?

Watching Eastenders on your Nokia sitting on the Tube.
Playing Prince of Persia against a guy in Brazil on your Sony Ericsson when you should be working
Reading the latest Chicklit ebook on your Siemens
Filling your order at

What could you be doing next year with your phone?

Navigating around Lisbon on your short break with your phone.
Paying for your Pizza using your phone rather than Visa.
IM on the run using Push-2-Talk.
Flirting with the "fit one" in the bar even though you cannot see exactly who they are.

What needs to be done to move the vision towards the now?

The handset makers need to build better batteries so when we start using these services we can be mobile rather than wired into the power network.
Networks who have real Customer Service, that will set up our phone over the air so that we may use the services easily and quickly.
A sense that we are paying the economic price rather than being ripped off.

Finally what those of us who work in the mobile work need to understand just what those guys in the street will use and pay for.

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