Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Vodafone UK 5G launch event

July 3rd 2019 and Vodafone have "turned on" it's 5G network to customers.

The Executive team are focusing on a strategy that is about being rational, they are not going to talk about the launch of the new technology as a race. Speed and capacity first, then latency "Goal of 10ms within a few years".  

  1. Unlimited data plans for customers and business + New brand campaign
  2. Vodafone Together
  3. Hatch go live
  4. A live 5G world first
They have a 5G Brand Ambassador who will "switch on" the network.

It's Lewis Hamilton a man who's living is going round and round in circles as fast a possible without breaking down. This is one hell of a metaphor for 5G at present.

The gadget fan boys will be wet with joy!

Grumpy OLD folks who remember 3G crash and burn are going to need 

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