Thursday, September 21, 2017

Did Liberty Global just pay Arthur D Little to publish research that shows it has very little future?

Having spent some time reading Arthur D Little's latest report, Unlocking GigaWorld Innovation, I have to ask why was Liberty Global associated with it?

If you take the time to read the report very little of what the outline can be served by the services currently sold by Liberty Global unless I have missed them building a massive Business Services unit to match those of BT Global Services and Vodafone Enterprise Services. The report in itself seems to be of the sort written by Analysts in order to justify a particular market and has a degree of optimism even a Blockchain booster my call over confident.

If the report is a forecast of what is happening rather than what might then Liberty Global does not have the product portfolio or workforce that is capable of grabbing the opportunities and thus faces the terminal decline of a British High Street shopping chain that failed to engage suitably with the Digital Consumer.

Go take a look and tell me if I'm fooling myself!

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