Thursday, April 26, 2018

My review of Building a Full-Fibre Future

Today Ofcom hosted a forum for industry leaders to address the future of ultrafast, fibre broadband in the UK.

Matt Hancock told us what the Government hoped to achieve from the event

The FttH Council Europe didn't answer the exam question but shared some data from a study they conducted 

A man from Virgin Media turned up and said something interesting and not related to being bought by Vodafone  

The price of setting Britain on the right path has gone up a lot since Steven Carter's Digital Britain Report got kicked into the longer grass  

Ofcom close with the Chief Executive saying that things need to change but it is the market rather than stakeholders that need to deliver  

This man has a plan, but it needs your money, lots of your money. But he is wise and knows how to spend it on good things...  

Lots of talking, so top quality graphics but no firm plan on how to move forward as it's complex stuff!   

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