Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Time for the Mobile Networks to change their Business Model?

Here in the UK we are starting to see increased take up of 4G services and as a result the Mobile Networks are looking to tweak their relationship with the consumer.

Over the past few weeks I have received a number of text messages telling offering me various offers.    None of these offers are of any interest to me and I am now concerned that my Network Provider now feels that it is entitled to SPAM me.  I have "opted out" of such marketing however it seems to take 5 days for my request to be acted on.  Having opted out will my number now be sold to third parties to try there luck directly with me.

I have stopped taking calls from Private Numbers and those that are not in my address book because of nuisance callers prospecting for claims firms. It has resulted in less minutes of voice use.  I fear that the actions of my Mobile Network could now result in a situation that I start to look at a way to remove messaging.

I am paying at the top end of the tariff structure and think that such charge should entitle me to be left alone by my Mobile Network when it comes to marketing of third party offers.

They are attempting a number of new services, for example they now offer the chance to jump the que on calls to the contact centre for a fee.

What I would like is the ability to make a quality voice call that does not drop out and be capable of using the 4G data connection more than I am using WiFi.  Lets face it despite a relationship that is over ten years old my Mobile Network knows very little about me, it does not seem to be interested in retaining information I do share with them, so what makes them think that it is capable of selling things to me that are from others?

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