Thursday, November 28, 2013

You lost the love....

Hey Mobile Network Operator just what is going on. We have been together for some years now and whilst my love of mobile has grown stronger you have lost the love for me you once had. When we first started you were happy and helpful, giving and gracious. Nothing was too much for you, my calls were picked up by a human quickly and presents were given. Today it takes an age to get through the machine before a grumpy despondent surly conversation leaves me thinking why did I call because you don't love me any more.

I pay my bill on time, I accept you declining coverage when it comes to a phone call and the fact that when ever possible you hand me off to a wifi network. I know that the present of a new shinny device once a year was too much to ask and can now wait two years or go out and buy a replacement device myself.

Yet you now seem to think that the transaction should be something that is best undertaken at lowest cost despite the fact that I still manage to spend £100+ when others around are giving you far less each month. I know that at this time my leaving to join another makes no sense as you are working to an Industry Standard but it cannot be sustained soon I could become a nomad and operate with just wifi and tablet. I am not someone who is looking for the lowest transaction cost but rather the service that my loyalty and spend justify when seen against the average. Keeping me is about more than a calculation of margin over Subscriber Acquisition Cost it is about your Brand Values meaning something.

Looking at Twitter and chatting with mates it seems that I am not the only one that feels that you have lost the love for the consumer. It is not that our standards are raised rather that yours have dropped. Soon I will be embarrassed to say that I work in the Mobile Industry and can no longer recommend my supplier to those looking to change as at this time the reasons to change are difficult to see.

Please roll back the changes, stop trying to be a faceless heartless corporate and show some empathy not just for me but for each of the contract customers once more. You might just be rewarded yourself with growing revenues and fewer contract cancelations.         

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