Friday, December 02, 2005

Keeping it simple

Out of interest, I went and bought a "Pay as you go" handset to see what i-mode was all about. I was interested on two levels, speaking with a senior executive at a rival I was told that they had been surprised by how well O2 had done; secondly I was talking with a member of the European executive team at NEC and they spoke about how hard their engineers had worked to get the service up.

First impressions when I saw the NEC was, this is a grest phone at a very good price. Next to my 3G handset it is half the size, it has a great key pad and a bright screen. What I like is that this is a phone and as such has a great phone features in terms of looks it is in the iPod Nano design school.

From the network side, topping up was easy and in registering the handset I got another £2.50 worth of calls and one month of use.

Still playing what you can and will post an update when I have finished. Put hats off to O2 in remembering that they are a MOBILE phone company and not a media business, hope that the Spanish remember this and carry on the service.

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