Wednesday, October 19, 2005

3's vision for the future

Bob Fuller (CEO of 3, former Executive at Orange) set out his view of a 3G Future. Gone are the old predictions from his time at Orange, the future now is about being a media company with banking services!

Guess that he might need to go get the gang back together if he is to see the sucessful IPO of his former employer. He might be pushing the useage of 3G the problem is that now other networks also have a 3G service he has to find a reason for customers to stay. Rumour has it that at present he is suffering a churm rate in the 40% region which will make it difficult to get the city interested in investing.

Perhaps his case could be helped when his competitors start pushing the 3G lifestyle, once O2 has shown us just what i-mode is we could rush off and sign up for 3G assuming that they do as well as they did with the silver surfer ;-)


Garbage Gia said...

Hi, Singapore has jus launched i-mode too. I saw the 1st ad last Thursday, 21 October 2005. What do u think of the O2 ads? I m v excited it's finally in Singapore. Been waiting for yonks. Friends went to Jpn and spoke so much abt the phones there, Docomo and so many many gd stuffs.

Ian Wood. Principal Wireless Foundry LLP said...


Have said in earlier posts and on other sites that I thinbk that the adverts from O2 do them no favours. Five years ago Cellnet as it was then called ran WAP adverts based around "surf the wireless web" with a silver surfer. It bombed!

If O2 was committed to i-mode it would be something that they launched across the whole of their network. At moment it is a stand alone service not something available to all subscribers.