Thursday, April 14, 2005

Remember when...

James Enck has posted a great thumbnail on his early experiences with Orange having found a spacehopper in his shed that was given to him as part of a loyality scheme.

The iten has reminded him that how just a short time ago Mobile was still not mass market and Orange was fun. Happy days! I can remember when Orange had an Imaginear, Prophets and ran Futurology not only were thay agreat brand marketing company they also invested in technology to bring about change quicker. To see what was spoken about before they were owned by France Telecom look at when Kenny Hirschhorn wrote about what he hoped would happen in 2005!

As for me well I have Orange corkscrews, bags, pen knives, watches and a brolly.

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Unknown said...

Its always more fun being on the crest of a wave, I have found great enjoyment recently watching old films like 3 Days of the Condor and Bullit were the characters do not have the ubiquitous mobile phone. Even the homeless addicts at Kings Cross now have a phone.

As for the Orange brand it has now become all grown up as the company is no longer challenging the status quo. In fact, they often fail on brand promise, when sorting out configuring my phone and PDA the phone trainers where useless. When I was sorting out wireless email on my Treo smartphone, the phone trainer lamely just gave me a technical support number to call.