Sunday, September 26, 2004

Mobile Phone Backlash

Harry Eyres writes in this weekends Financial Times about how we have addicted ourselves to mobile phones. In a well writen piece he argues that the disadvatages outweigh their advantages. This is something that I have thought about a lot since the family holiday this year having left my handset in England whilst sitting on the beach in Italy.

Stephen Pritchard writes in The Independent about Mobile Offices: what happened to the future? In which he outlines how the phone firms are still playing catch up with the Futurologists. His focus is on how email on our phones could be available now and with 90% penetration of phones we should like the Japanese be using handsets over computers.

So who is to be believed on Mobile penetration and habits?

Kevin Spacey told the BBC in a recent radio interview that he feels that audiences need to learn how to behave and those who refuse to turn off their phones "shouldn't come" to the theatre. Her told of an incident at the National where the actor asked the audience member whose phone had gone off six times to leave the theatre. I do think that we have some responsibility to respect the environment we are in and opt for voice mail rather than take a call.

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